Saturday, February 13, 2010


my past will always haunt me
a past that will always be
for now i am a better person
having learned the better part of me

with arms open wide
and heart full of pride
i can now express to you
just what i feel inside

you tried to lead the way
yet i went astray
and of course then i become
more stubborn, just the same

though you know i was a rebel
i know that you could tell
i was onlu trying to find where i belong
just wanting to sing my very own song

but now that you are always there
so please put way al despair
for you always mattered to me
and i always care

believe me when i say 'i do'
because its so very true
and i know how i meant to you
cause now i learned the real in you

Oleh : Eizaz Nasir Ali

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